Thoughts from the Executive Office

Keeping Beat with the Industry

As part of the FOA’s mandate to provide a forum for industry issues, we want to ensure that our discussion goes beyond manufacturing and business operations, costs, and tactics. At many of our meetings, we are focused on the ‘here and now’ of our jobs and the milestones, goals and action items stretching from one FOA meeting to the next. It’s easy to tackle these kinds of problems, but they don’t necessarily help us keep an eye on the larger issues looming in the industry that we all have to address.

With that view in mind, we’re reserving this space on our site to allow guests to submit commentaries about issues, trends, challenges and news that affect all of us at a macro level.

One of our guest commentators will be our public relations counsel, Barbara Kalkis. Barbara’s been in the semiconductor industry since 1980, and has covered all product technology areas through her experience at AMD, AMI, National Semiconductor, VLSI Technology and through her work with companies based around the world, including VISA, Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing, IMEC, EDN Magazine and many others.

Through the diverse views offered here, we intend to keep our pulse on the state of the semiconductor industry and keep the device manufacturing beat going strong.

Happy Reading!

L.T. Guttadauro
Executive Director, FOA