Infineon Technologies focuses on the three main areas: Energy Efficiency, Communications and Security.

SVTC Technologies provides complete access to a full-scale, 8-inch process development foundry where customers develop their products on silicon with a full complement of advanced CMOS equipment, Development Support Tools and Expertise, and Commercialization Services. Through superior cycle times, cost-effective development and faster time to revenue, SVTC delivers operational excellence and accelerates the commercialization of innovative technologies to real, manufacturing-ready products for the rapidly growing novel memory and

Highvac Corporation, Est. 1993, is a leading independent U.S.
supplier of Industrial Vacuum Pumps, Accessories and related
equipment. In addition to sales of vacuum pumps, Highvac operates
an extensive 45,000 square foot service facility for complete
re-manufacturing of all brands of vacuum pumps. The industries
we service include Semiconductor, General Industrial, Meat
Packaging, Hospitals, Printing, Hi Tech, Universities and

Capovani Brothers Inc. is at heart a buyer, refurbisher, and seller
of used semiconductor manufacturing equipment. As such, we deal with a
wide variety of customers, having an equally wide variety of needs and
interests. Established in 1987, and an online pioneer with our
web-based inventory catalog since 1994, we are proud of our reputation
in the industry and we continue to work toward impressing our customers
with simple honesty and value. We feel that the great number of repeat
customers that we serve is testimony to the success of these efforts.

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