AceCo Precision Manufacturing is a diversified solutions provider of precision CNC machined components for multiple industries. Our focus for over 25 years has been high-tech industries such as Semiconductor, TFT-LCD, and Solar; and we are continually expanding our capabilities and certifications to serve a wider audience of industries seeking complex, high-quality, and competitive machining solutions.

We are a leading worldwide developer and manufacturer of tool and fab automation equipment solutions for the semiconductor, flat panel, solar, LED, data storage, and associated industries.

Genmark’s products, based on patented robotics technologies, include a large portfolio of vacuum and atmospheric substrate transport modules, up to 450mm, such as: EFEMs, SORTERs, FOUP Stockers, Vacuum Cluster Systems, Loadports, High Payload and Standard Robots and Equipment Control Software.

As a wholly owned subsidiary of Busch GmbH, Busch USA supports advanced manufacturing and industry across the USA with our extensive product portfolio of high performance vacuum pumps and systems.


Boston Semi Equipment LLC (BSE) is a semiconductor equipment company that has established a reputation as a reliable source for affordable fab tools, back end test equipment and service solutions for semiconductor manufacturers and OSATs worldwide. The company maintains an inventory of current generation and legacy equipment that BSE’s engineers can configure to customer specifications. BSE simplifies the equipment acquisition process with a broad range of financing solutions that facilitate the lease, rental or purchase of new and used equipment.

IMT is the premier turn-key MEMS foundry and contract manufacturing service provider, offering high-volume production capability and expertise in fabricating complex MEMS.

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Fab Owners Association Meeting Examines Trends in Integrated Device Manufacturer Model


SAN JOSE, Calif.--(

Tec-Sem founded in 1981 by Jakob Blattner in Switzerland is one of the pioneers in clean room automation. Over the past 30 years, Tec-SemGroup AG has established itself as a leader in semiconductor equipment manufacturing as well as in semiconductor OEM-automation solution provider.


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