Maestro PR Blog. Rogue Valley Microdevices announces iGrant for MEMS technologies

Maestro PR BlogRogue Valley Microdevices announces iGrant for MEMS technologies.

Rogue Valley Microdevices ( has announced a $175,000 R&D iGrant for innovations in the areas of biotech, biomedical, MEMS and nano- technologies.  The announcement was posted in today’s MEMS Journal ( email blast and on the company’s site,

In the words of Rogue Valley Micro, the 2013 Sustainable Valley technology innovation grant is designed to help researchers, entrepreneurs, and engineers ‘bring new technology or technology-based businesses to life”. 

The deadline for application is 20 July 2013. 

Over and over, we see that grants, incentives and programs that nurture innovation can be inspired by individuals, companies, and organizations.  Funding does not have to be in the realm of millions of dollars from governments or the world’s largest corporations.  Most ideas really just need seed money and curious minds ready to dedicate time and effort to validating concepts.  Let’s see more of this from companies, and aim the grants to working engineers.

Kudos to Rogue Valley Micro for seeding innovation with an eye towards bringing new products to market.  The offer has been made. Now it’s up to engineers to do something with it.

~Barbara Kalkis, Maestro Marketing & PR