Maestro PR Blog: BIOMEDevice Conference & Expo. It’s Not about the Show. It’s about the Market.

Maestro PR Blog:  BIOMEDevice Conference & Expo.  It’s Not about the Show. It’s about the Market.

December is not an auspicious month to hold a conference and expo.  It’s tough to compete for attention during holiday sales and celebrations. Your customers may be engineers, but they are also consumers, parents and gift-givers.

Despite the timing and massive to-do list you’re carrying, it might be wise to stop in at the BioMed Device Technology conference and expo ( running this week at the San Jose Convention Center.

As a MedTechWorld event, this expo features technology, products, equipment and services for every aspect of medical design and development. That’s a pretty broad range of topics and so not as focused as other biotech events. However, shows like this can sometimes reveal trends that can impact your business.

Wireless applications are billed as a major part of the conference. Wireless self-help medical applications are a market waiting to explode.  Not just for things like heart rate, blood pressure, and glucose monitoring, but for a myriad of lifestyle and medical situations.

While consumer applications on smart phones and tablets have multiplied faster than mosquitoes in a stagnant pond, biomedical applications that allow people to monitor and manage their health have lagged.  We can speculate on the reasons:  reluctant doctors who may be uneducated or simply not know about new devices; doubt about the devices to work accurately, reluctance on the part of the old, established manufacturers of huge equipment to transition to smaller devices that can be used in the field.  The reasons don’t matter.


The point is this. We cannot predict how applications take flight and swallow market share. We just know it happens. Aging populations around the world are not going to go quietly into senior living. We are a rowdy group and demanding. After all, we were born during the post WWII good times and have a sense of entitlement about the lifestyle we want. The major aspect of that lifestyle is remaining independent.

Do you really need an economist, a financial analyst, or radio show host to tell you that seniors and seniors-to-be will want technology that delivers products and software to let them be independent and remain in their own homes? 

Even the largest companies in the world miss market shifts and trends because they are too busy clinging to yesterday’s sales success.  Take a look at this conference…or another…your choice. But look at biomedical as a technology that can vault your company into a new market soon.  Consumers are waiting. And, you’re a consumer, too. You know how impatient we are.

~Barbara Kalkis, Maestro Marketing & Public Relations, 03 December 2013. 

Note: Neither Barbara Kalkis or Maestro Marketing & PR have an affiliation with the organization mentioned.