05/17/2017 - Welcome our Newest Associate Member - Mellor Consulting Group

Semiconductors companies must attain the difficult balance between customers (who want higher quality orders faster and cheaper) and competitors (who dedicate enormous resources to becoming industry leaders). To stay ahead and keep providing customers with exceptional products and services, a company must continuously reevaluate and improve its operational practices. The saying goes, “You can’t do today’s job with yesterday’s tools and still be in business tomorrow.” Tomorrow’s excellence doesn’t just happen; it’s a result of hard work invested in improving existing methods and tools. There are many improvement methodologies, each with their own benefits; when combined and used wisely, they can achieve substantial results. However, companies need more than just the best methods and dedication to achieve improvements in a relatively short time. To achieve a fast breakthrough, Mellor Consulting Group adds value by bringing:

  •   International experience in leading operational excellence transformations,
  •   Objective approach with critical thinking that overcomes organizational barriers and outdated mentalities, and
  •   True passion for solving operations challenges to achieve operational excellence.

At MCG, we combine the best-known methods with our knowledge to create the ultimate client experience and deliver exceptional services. We aim to become a unique service provider and trusted partner in achieving operations excellence for semiconductor companies around the world.